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Illustration in G.A. Brederode, "Boertigh, amorous en aendachtig groot lied-boeck", Amsterdam, 1622

Vinckboons, David (?) (illustrator)
Brederode, G.A (auteur/author)
Velde, Jan van de (graveur/engraver)
Plasse, Cornelis Lodowijcksz. vander (drukker/printer)
year: 1622

type: illustratie
detail: nee
dimensions: 14,3 x 18,5 cm. (pag.) 12 x 8,5 cm. (ill.)
related persons: Brederode, G. A. Vinckboons, David
related terms: liedboeken illustraties gravure formaten
period: 17e eeuw
E: Boekillustratie

contents: In the first decades of the 17th century illustrated editions greatly increased, but in the aesthetic sense the emblem books and songbooks took pride of place. The most beautiful of them have an oblong format and were illustrated by the best printmakers of that time. This is also the case with the well-known songbook by Brederode, published posthumously in Amsterdam. The 22 predominantly unsigned illustrations are mostly by Jan van de Velde, engraved after designs of several artists, including David Vinckboons.

source: Brederode, G.A. - Boertigh, amoreus, en aendachtig groot lied-boeck [...]. - Amsterdam: Cornelis Lodowijcksz. vander Plasse, 1622, p. 78.
available in: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag 5 B 7

©description: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek
©reproduction: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek


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