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Gluing sheets of paper, late 17th century

Lalande, Jérome de (auteur/author)
year: 1698

type: prent
detail: nee
dimensions: 32 x 21,5 cm.
related terms: papiermaken lijmen
period: 17e eeuw 18e eeuw
B: Schriftdragers, inkt

contents: Paper had to be glued before it could be written on. The basis for this glue was animal offal boiled in copper kettles, diluted with water and supplemented with an alum solution. This had to be kept warm on a fire. A few sheets of paper, clamped between thin wooden slats, were dipped into the glue and quickly taken outand subsequently pressed again to get rid of the excess glue.

source: Lalande, [Jérome de]. - L'art de faire le papier, [Parijs, na 1761], pl. XII
available in: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag PC.A 210

©description: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek
©reproduction: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek



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