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Hammer mill for making paper, early 17th century

Zonca, Vittorio (auteur/author)
Bertelli, Pietro (uitgever/publisher)
year: 1607

type: illustratie
detail: nee
dimensions: 24, 5 x 15, 5 cm.
related terms: papiermaken papiermolens hamerbakken
period: 16e eeuw 17e eeuw
contents: This is one of the first illustrations of a hammer mill, a 16th-century pounding apparatus invented in Italy. It consisted of a number of hammers, fastened to a camshaft, which was driven by a water wheel. By the beating of the hammers on the rags and by adding large quantities of water to clean the rags, a milky mush of fibres and cellulose (the contents of the fibre) was created. There was not enough waterpower in the Netherlands to drive this kind of hammer mill. Only in the course of the 17th century, when the windmill could generate sufficient energy to be applied to paper making, did a flourishing paper industry develop there.

source: Zonca, Vittorio. - Novo teatro di machine et edificii per uarie et sicure operationi [...], Padoua: appresso Pietro Bertelli, 1607, p. 94
available in: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag PC.A 201

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