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11. auction
[ Auctions ]
collector: Wagenaar, Jan
auctioneer: Yntema, Jacob & Tieboel
Amsterdam 1773-10-13
12. catalogue
[ Book Sales Catalogues ]
Catalogus praestantissimorum librorum. [Collected by an Amsterdam Professor of Anatomy and Medicine]. Amsterdam: Jacob Yntema & Jacob Tieboel, [1771].
collector: Snip, Folkert
auctioneer: Yntema, Jacob
auctioneer: Tieboel, Jacob
Amsterdam 1771-12-11
13. catalogue
[ Book Sales Catalogues ]
Catalogus librorum. [Smidt was Professor of Theology at an Amsterdam Mennonite Theological Seminary and preacher]. Amsterdam: Petrus Schouten & Jacob Yntema & Tieboel, [1781].
collector: Smidt, Petrus
auctioneer: Schouten, Petrus
auctioneer: Yntema, Jacob
auctioneer: Tieboel
Amsterdam 1781-12-19