Bibliopolis is the result of the "Geschiedenis van het Gedrukte Boek in Nederland" project (History of the printed book in the Netherlands), initiated and executed by the Koninklijke Bibliotheek in the period 1998-2002. The production of Bibliopolis has been supported financially by the Nederlandse Organisatie voor Wetenschappelijk Onderzoek NWO (Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research), and carried out in co-operation with the universities of Amsterdam, Leiden, Nijmegen and Utrecht and the Nederlandse Boekhistorische Vereniging.

Various information systems have been brought together in Bibliopolis: databases of the Special Collections department of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, the Dutch department of Leiden University, the Library of the Koninklijke Vereniging van het Boekenvak and private individuals. New databases have also been created. See the help screens of Bibliopolis for more extensive information on these databases.
The Koninklijke Bibliotheek has endeavoured to trace and ask for permission any rightful claimant of copyright of the texts and images digitally reproduced. If you suspect that a text or image has been reproduced unlawfully in Bibliopolis, please let us know via the contact form. This form may also be used for questions about the content or the use of Bibliopolis.

The following persons have contributed to the production of Bibliopolis:

Core group:
Mw. Drs. M.T.G.E. van Delft (project editor)
Drs. M.C. de Niet (project co-ordinator)
Drs. C.B.J. de Wolf (project manager)

Project assistants:
W.J. van den Brink (office editor)
T. Damen (digitalisation)
Mw. Drs. H. Dolfsma (programmer)
Mw. Drs. E.V.M. Mourits (glossary and image editor)
Mw. Drs. J.E. Oskamp (web editor)
Mw. Drs. M. Smolenaars (conference organiser, translation)
Mw. Drs M.C.M. Wishaupt (image editor)

Academic contributions:
Prof. dr. J. van den Berg (advisory committee)
Drs. J. Bos (author)
Prof. dr. J.A.H.G.M. Bots (author, editorial board, advisory committee)
Dr. J.W. Brouwer (author)
Prof. dr. P.J. Buijnsters (author)
Mw. Dr. L.A.M. Buijnsters-Smets (author)
Dr. P.J.G. van der Coelen (author)
Mw. Drs. E. Croiset van Uchelen - Brouwer (translation)
Dr. B.P.M. Dongelmans (author, editorial board, databases)
Mw Drs. H. Dongelmans-Mac Lean (text editing handbook)
Mw. Dr. N. van Dijk (author)
Drs. P. Dijstelberge (author)
Dr. P.J.A. Franssen (author)
Dr. F.D.G. de Glas (author)
Drs. W.K. Gnirrep (database)
Mw. Dr. H. van Goinga (author, database)
Dr. K. Goudriaan (author)
Dr. G. Groeneveld (author)
Dr. J.A. Gruys (author, databases)
Drs. J.J. van Heel (author)
Drs. J.F. Heijbroek (author)
Dr. W. Heijting (author)
Mw. Dr. L. Hellinga-Querido (author)
Prof. dr. P.G. Hoftijzer (author, editorial board)
Dr. A.A. den Hollander (author)
Mw. Drs. G.C. Huisman (author)
Prof. dr. F.A.W.G. Janssen (author, editorial board)
Mw. Drs. C.C.A.E. Keijsper (author, editorial board)
Prof. dr. J.J. Kloek (author, editorial board)
H.W. de Kooker (database)
Mw. Dr. J. de Kruif (author)
Mw. Prof. dr. L. Kuitert (author)
J.A. Lane, B.S. (author)
Dr. O.S. Lankhorst (author)
Th. Laurentius (author)
Dr. D. van Lente (author)
Drs. M.M.J.J.P.E. Lommen (author)
Dr. J. Salman (author)
Dr. P. Schneiders (author)
Drs. D. Schouten (author)
Prof. dr. L. Simons (advisory committee)
Dr. J. Storm van Leeuwen (author)
Drs. G. van Thienen (author)
Thomson Text Services (translation)
Mw. Drs. I.A.M. Verheul (author)
Dr. P.J. Verkruijsse (author)
Dr. P. Visser (author)
Mw. Dr. B. de Vries (author)
Dr. A.H. van der Weel (author)
Dhr. J. de Zoete (author)

Website development:
Bureau Zeezeilen (A. Marseille, E. Bleyenburg)

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