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'Bembo' typeface letter `a'.

Haan, M. de (auteur/author)
Hogenhout, J. (auteur/author)
Aleva, L. (fotograaf/photographer)
Visser, F. (fotograaf/photographer)
year: [ca. 1980]

type: dia
detail: nee
related terms: letters lettertypen lettersoorten corps
period: 16e eeuw 17e eeuw
C: Paleografie, letterontwerp, lettertypen, lettergieten, schrift

contents: Types are cast in various fonts but within these extremely varied forms the letters are also cast in different formats. From c. 1800 the sizes of the types were indicated in points and ciceros: a cicero (c. 4.5 mm.) contains 12 points. The height of abody of type (a series of letters of a certain type and a certain size) is measured from the highest point of an ascender (h, k, etc.) to the lowest point of a descender (p, q, etc.). The slide shows the `a' of the Bembo typeface in ascending size from 6 points (very small, forfootnotes, etc.) to 36 points (for a large title page).

source: Haan, M. de; Hogenhout, J; Aleva, L en Visser, F. - Plantijn bij voorbeeld. Boekdrukken in de 16e en 17e eeuw. [Toelichting bij een serie dia's over het drukproces in de 16e en 17e eeuw, uitgegeven door het Museum Plantijn Moretus in Antwerpen, jaren tachtig vorigeeeuw]
©description: Antwerpen Museum Plantin-Moretus
©reproduction: Antwerpen Museum Plantin-Moretus



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