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Sorting sheets of paper, late 17th century

Lalande, Jérome de (auteur/author)
year: 1698

type: prent
detail: ja
dimensions: 16 x 21,5 cm.
related terms: papiermaken polijsten
period: 17e eeuw 18e eeuw
B: Schriftdragers, inkt

contents: After gluing (to allow it to be written on), paper was smoothed sheet by sheet with a stone. It was subsequently checked for irregularities by holding the sheets against the light and then scraping these irregularities off with a knife. Until far into the 18th century young girls were involved in this work, called `verleesters'. They then sorted the paper by quality and stacked them up.

source: Lalande, [Jérome de]. - L'art de faire le papier, [Parijs, na 1761], pl. XIV
available in: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag PC.A 210

©description: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek
©reproduction: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek



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