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Bookbinding, Northern Netherlands, 1497

year: 1497

type: boekband
detail: nee
dimensions: 17,5 x 12,2 cm.
related terms: boekbanden paneelstempels blindstempeling kalfsleer sloten
period: 15e eeuw
F: Bindkunst

contents: Binding of brown calf over wooden boards, blind-tooled, with two gilded silver clasps. The binding is tooled with a panel stamp, a Dutch invention that had been applied since around 1350 and was to be used until 1560/1570. Panel stamps were rectangular bronze plaques with an image in relief. They were impressed on the leather with a press. This binding has typical characteristics of the Northern Netherlands: one panel in the centre, surrounded by lines and ensembles of small tools. The binding is dated, which is extremely rare for this time.

source: Getijdenboek. - Leiden, 1497 of kort daarvoor.
available in: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag 74 G 3

©description: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek
©reproduction: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek


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