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1. Evening the odds: the Northeast Document Conservation Center
Nelson, Milo 1981
2. Fixing graphite: a preliminary investigation into the conservation of Shelley's notebooks
Bell, Nancy Priest, Derk 1991
3. La fabrication des papiers de longue conservation et causes de leur altération
Arnould, E. 1928
4. Paper properties with respect to conservation
Porck, Henk 1994
5. Technical analysis and conservation of a bark manuscript in the Dutch royal library
Teygeler, René Porck, Henk 1995
6. The future organisation of conservation and restauration in Denmark
Nordstrand, Ove K. 1970
7. The reconstuction of papyrus manufacture: a preliminary investigation
Wallert, A. 1989
8. The use of chelatine agents in conservation treatments
Burgess, Helen 1991