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Shop window of Kirberger & Kesper in Amsterdam, 1914

Schuitvlot, Nic. (fotograaf/photographer)
year: [1914]

type: foto
detail: nee
dimensions: 30 x 36 cm.
related terms: boekhandels
period: 20e eeuw
G: Boekhandel en uitgeverij

contents: In 1920 this well-known Amsterdam bookshop was sold to a large London firm but returned into Dutch hands ten years later. In 1938 the firm was the second-largest Dutch book importer in terms of turnover. After the restrictions of the Second World War,there was an increased demand for English books, more so than ever. Increasing competition, however, and the many changes in the book trade caused Kirberger and Kesper to go bankrupt in 1968.

©description: Amsterdam Bibliotheek KVB Universiteitsbibliotheek UVA
©reproduction: Stichting FotoAnoniem



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