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Two pages from Luchtmans' auction book, 1751-1780

year: 1757

type: handschrift
detail: nee
dimensions: afmetingen onbekend
related terms: uitgeversarchieven jaarrekeningen prijzen (van drukwerk)
period: 18e eeuw
G: Boekhandel en uitgeverij

contents: Entry by the Leiden bookseller Luchtmans of books purchased between April 1757 and April 1758. The purchases were made at 'unbound sales' (trade sales) and also 'from the hand' (from person to person). The archive of the Leiden bookseller Luchtmans (1683-1848) is the only more or less complete eighteenth-century bookseller's archive that has survived in the Netherlands. In addition to many hundreds of letters, it also contains contracts, stock sheets and balance sheets. There are even reports of business trips.

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