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The Amsterdam Stock Exchange prior to 1660

Zesen, Ph. von (auteur/author)
Schut, P.H. (illustrator)
Nosche, J. (drukker/printer)
year: 1664

type: prent
detail: nee
dimensions: afmetingen onbekend
related terms: boekhandels boekhandelaars
period: 17e eeuw
G: Boekhandel en uitgeverij

contents: The Amsterdam stock exchange before 1660, at that time one of the most beautiful buildings of the city. We read, "Hier verhandelt man fast die ganse Welt" (the whole world is exchanged here) in the description of the town in which this print is found.One could meet merchants from all over Europe, such as Poles, Hungarians and "Moskowiter", and even Persians, Turks, Indians "und andere fremde Völker". Not a bad place for the booksellers who had established their shops near the entrance of this prestigious building.

source: Zesen. Ph. von. - Filips von Zesen Beschreibung der Stadt Amsterdam [...]. - Amsterdam: Joachim Nosche, 1664, t.o. p. 232.
©description: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek
©reproduction: Amsterdam Bibliotheek KVB Universiteitsbibliotheek UVA



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