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Adriaan Pauw in his library, 1647

Visscher, Cornelis (graveur/engraver)
year: 1647

type: prent
detail: nee
related persons: Pauw, Adriaan Honthorst, Gerard van
related terms: boekenverzamelaars particuliere bibliotheken bibliofilie
period: 17e eeuw
H: Bibliofilie, particuliere collecties

contents: Adriaan Pauw (1585-1653), Lord of Heemstede, Grand Pensionary and diplomat, depicted in his library. Pauw tried to collect the largest private library in the Republic. His love of books was so great that he even tried to lay his hands on the library ofthe English King Charles I, who was condemned to death, which caused him great political difficulties. Engraving after a portrait from 1647 by Gerard van Honthorst.

©description: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek


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Adriaan Pauw in his library, 1647