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J.L. Cornet, Library at N.C. de Gijselaar in his house in Breestraat, 1851

Cornet, J.L. (illustrator)
year: 1851

type: tekening
detail: nee
dimensions: 30,1 x 42,4 cm.
related persons: Cornet, J.L. Gijselaer, N.C. de
related terms: particuliere bibliotheken boekenkasten
period: 19e eeuw
H: Bibliofilie, particuliere collecties

contents: Romantic impression in pen and brush in brown of the library of the print collector and engraver Nicolaas Cornelis de Gijselaar (1792 -1873), living in the Breestraat, Leiden. The bookcases have, just as in the 18th century, protective curtains. DeGijselaar was one of the first directors of the Print Room of Leiden University and also donated his own holdings of prints (early Dutch and German prints were his special interest) to this institution. The drawing is by Jacobus Ludovicus Cornet (1815-1882), artist and De Gijselaar'ssuccessor in the Print Room.

©description: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek
©reproduction: Leiden, Prentenkabinet


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