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Shop window and interior of Kirberger & Kesper in Amsterdam, 1914

Schuitvlot, Nic. (fotograaf/photographer)
year: [1914]

type: foto
detail: nee
dimensions: 30 x 36 cm.
related terms: boekhandels
period: 20e eeuw
G: Boekhandel en uitgeverij

contents: Kirberger & Kesper, established in the Nieuwe Doelenstraat in Amsterdam. W.H. Kirberger started a bookshop in 1850 and, a few years later, J.H. Kesper became his partner. In addition to their own list they sold list products from other publishers and also imported English books.

©description: Amsterdam Bibliotheek KVB Universiteitsbibliotheek UVA
©reproduction: Stichting FotoAnoniem



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