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Pocketbooks, 1960-1980

Damen, T. (fotograaf/photographer)
year: 2002

type: foto
detail: nee
related terms: pockets omslagen typografische vormgeving populaire boeken
period: 19e eeuw
D: Geschiedenis van de boekdrukkunst

contents: Pocketbooks from the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s: Prisma, Salamander, Meulenhoff and Amstel books. The post-war breakthrough of the low-priced paperback meant that there was a much larger public for the purchase of books. Initially light reading was published in addition to reprints with adequate covers of well-known novelists, so that the paperback became synonymous with popularity. It was not long, however, before less accessible novels and scholarly publications also appeared in this form.

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