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Adriaen van de Venne, illustration in Jacob Cats, "Silenus Alcibiadis sive Proteus", Middelburg, 1618

Cats, Jacob (auteur/author)
Venne, Adriaen van de (illustrator)
Hellen, Hans van der (drukker/printer)
year: 1618

type: illustratie
detail: nee
related persons: Venne, Adriaen van de Cats, Jacob
related terms: embleembundels illustraties gravure vertalingen
period: 16e eeuw
E: Boekillustratie

contents: With this important emblem book, illustrated with 51 engravings by his regular collaborator Adriaen van de Venne, Jacob Cats gave a new direction to the genre: the emblematic representation is explained three times by means of a poem, a prose text and a quotation in Dutch, Latin and French, in terms of earthly love, social and religious aspects. Later, the book was to become known by the title "Sinne- en minnebeelden" (Emblems and images of love).

source: Cats, Jacob. - Silenus Alcibiadis sive Proteus, vitae humanae ideam, emblemate trifariàm variato, oculis subijciens. - Middelburg: Hans van der Hellen, 1618, p. 52-53.
available in: Koninklijke Bibliotheek, Den Haag 144 D 2

©description: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek
©reproduction: Den Haag Koninklijke Bibliotheek


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